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view (Z)-4-decenal citrus, green,

view 2-(2',3'-epoxy-3'-methylbutyl)-3-methylfuran citrus, earthy, green,

view citronellal (dimethyl-6-octenal) citrus, fatty, floral,

view nonanal aldehyde, citrus, fatty, floral, green, green grass, slightly pungent, soapy, tallow, wax,

view beta-citronellol (3,7-dimethyl-6-octen-1-ol) citrus,

view neral citrus, peely,

view geranial citrus,

view linalool aniseed, citrus, floral, floral fragrant citrus, terpene,

view geranial (citral) citrus, pungent,

view limonene citrus, ethereal, fruity,

view neral (citral) citrus, fatty,

view decanol citrus, soapy, unripe fruit,

view 2-isobutylthiazole citrus, green oily, resembling that of tomato leaf, strong green,