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view (Z)-dec-7-en-5-olide (jasmin lactone) fruity, powerful, reminiscent of peach and apricot, sweet odour of gardenia flowers,

view 2-methylbutanal almond, burnt, choking, cocoa, estery apple, extreme dilution fruity, fermented, fruity, green grass, iodoform, malt, powerful, sickly, sour,

view 3-methylbutanal (isovaleraldehyde) apple, burnt, caramel, cheese, cherry, cocoa, extreme dilution fruity, fragrant, green, malt, penetrating, powerful, sickly, unripe banana,

view dimethyl trisulfide (methyltrithiomethane) burnt, cabbage, cooked cabbage, cooked vegetable, diffusive, fresh onions, onion, penetrating, powerful, sulfurous,

view 1-butanethiol diffusive, powerful, reminiscent of cabbage, skunky, sulfurous,

view 3-(methylthio)-1-propanol (methionol) lightstruck, meat, powerful, raw potato, soup, sweet, sweet soup,

view 3-(2-propenylthio)propene (diallyl sulfide) nonlachrymatory, penetrating garlic, powerful, radish of poor tenacity,