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view ethanal ethereal, green, nauseating, penetrating, pungent, sour greenhouse, sweet,

view 2-formylpyridine almond, bitter, nutty, pungent,

view 2-oxopropanal pungent, sour milk,

view 2-acetyl-3-hydroxyfuran (isomaltol) burnt, caramel, caramellic, fruity, pungent, sweet,

view 2-formylpyrrole bread, burnt, caramel, corn, musty, pungent, rubber, sulfurous,

view pyridine burnt, diamine, pungent, solvent,

view 2-methylpropanal baked potato, banana, grain, green, green malt, harsh, melon, pungent, repulsive, sour, sweet, varnish,

view 2-acetylthietane onion, pungent, radish, sulfurous,

view 2,3-dimethyl-2,3-dehydro-4-thianone chemical, cumarin, onion, pungent,

view 2-pentylfuran fruity, green, pungent, sweet,

view 2,3-dimethylpyrazine bread, burnt sugar, chocolate, dusty, green, leather, linseed oil, malt, new leather, nutty, oxidized, pungent, roasted, sweet,

view 2,3-pentanedione almond, burnt, burnt butter, butter, butterscotch, diacetyl, estery apple, fruity, grain, malt, oily buttery, pungent, sickly,

view 3-(2-propenyldithio)propene (diallyl disulfide) more sulfide, not truly reminiscent of garlic, obnoxiuos, pungent,

view furfural (2-furaldehyde) almond, bread, caramel, cinnamon, fatty, honey, meat, oily, pungent, rancid, sweet,

view pyrazine corn with bitter note, pungent, strong, sweet,

view octanal aldehyde, fatty, fruity, orange peel, pungent, slightly fragment, soapy,

view pentanal (valeraldehyde) aldehyde, banana, grass, lower aldehyde, oily green, pungent,

view 2-formyl-5-methylpyrrole pungent,

view geranial (citral) citrus, pungent,

view 1-penten-3-one harsh, pungent, sharp, solvent, varnish,

view thiophene pungent, sickly,

view ethylenesulfide (thiirane) cooked cabbage, pungent, sickly,