Linear Retention Indices (LRI) of Aroma Compounds

The database contains gas chromatographic Linear Retention Indices (LRI) for over 5000 different compounds identified in the volatiles of foods. It has been compiled from LRI data obtained from publications on food flavour in the scientific literature. Not all have been obtained from the analysis of authentic compounds, and no attempts have been made by the database compilers to verify the quoted LRI. However, the database also contains LRI from authentic compounds analysed at The School of Food Biosciences, The University of Reading.

The data base also provides odour descriptions for over 1500 records, many with odour threshold values

The LRI of a compound is an expression of its retention time on a gas chromatographic column relative to an homologous series n-alkanes. The folowing equation is used to calculate the LRI from the retention time.

t = retention time of component
n = carbon number of preceding n-alkane
n+1 = carbon number of subsequent n-alkane