Odour Descriptions

On the odour page the database may be searched for odour descriptions. A list of odour descriptions is given which allows the display of all compounds associated with a particular description.

These odour Descriptions have been compiled from many data sources including publications on food flavour in the scientific literature and and no attempts have been made by the database compilers to verify the descriptions. As people may have different ways of describing the same odour, there may be a number of different descriptors for the 'same' odour. If what you want you can not find first time, try looking under other, similar, words which may describe what you are looking for.

Odour threshold data are also given, where available. The odour threshold value of a volatile compound is defined as the minimum concentration at which the compound can be detected by the sense of smell. Threshold values reported in this database are the concentration of the compound in water (µg/L) unless other wise stated.